Week commencing 16th April 2018:

Homework for this week:

Maths week 2

reading paper 2 week 2

Reading paper 1 week 2

Homework week 2

Curriculum Map for Summer 2018:

Year Two Curriculum Map Summer Term

This we in RE we learned a about Reconciliation song and in pairs we made up actions to go with the song before performing it to the rest of the class!

Last Friday we has a Criket coach come in to teach us cricket. It was a fantastic afternoon!

Website: Unfortunately whilst I was updating the website for this week somewhere I managed to delete the rest of the web page. My apologies.

Week commencing 9th April 2018:

Homework for this week:

Homework week 1

Maths Week one

Reading paper 1 week one

Reading paper 2 week one


This term in year 2 our topic is splendid skies. Therefore in topic we wanted to explore how far a balloon would travel. This week we inflated balloons with helium and each child attached a postcard to a balloon which included there name, the schools address. 
You will never guess what happened next! One of our balloons was found in  a little woods bobbing up and down in a brush ALL THE WAY IN CORK!