Welcome to the Year 3 page!

I would like to take this opportunity to say huge well done to all of year 3 for their hard work and achievements this year – you are an amazing class and have made my first year at St Anne’s a brilliant one! Thank you also to parents and carers for all of your support this year.

I wish you all a well-deserved and enjoyable summer holiday and the best of luck in year 4.

See you in September!

Miss Roberts



Week commencing 26th June

Sports Day – a big well done to everyone who competed on Sports Day! I would also like to say thank you to all of the parents and carers who came to show their support. Year 3, you were brilliant and I was happy to see you all cheer each other on.

Have a look at some of the photos below:

Week commencing 19th June

In Maths, we have been looking at different types of lines. Can you guess which are horizontal, vertical, diagonal, parallel and perpendicular?


In Literacy, we have been using lots of descriptive language to write our own version of a scene in Roald Dahl’s Matilda.


Week commencing 12th June

Thank you to all who were able to join us at Mapledurham Estate for the Corpus Christi celebration. It was a beautiful day and it was lovely to see the children celebrate their recent First Holy Communion.

Week commencing 5th June

Welcome back year 3!

This term our topic is:

In literacy, we watched the film Matilda and will be reading the story by Roald Dahl to explore the main hero and villain characters. We are also analysing the language used in Roald Dahl’s texts as we will be writing our own descriptive narrative, inspired by Matilda.

For our engage lesson, we discussed real life heroes and villains and created our own characters with a description of what makes them either a hero or a villain.

Week commencing 8th May

We have been looking at different ways of reading and presenting data in maths, including with bar charts and pictograms. We each did a tally chart to find out which was the most popular TV programme for year 3 pupils and then drew a pictogram to show this data.

We are starting our plant investigation in science to observe what happens if a plant does not have sunlight, warmth or water.

Well done to everyone who took part in the cross country competition on Wednesday. You all did really well!

Week commencing 1st May

In Science this week we have been looking at plants, their different parts and the functions of each part.We carried out a (messy) experiment with red food colouring, white flowers and celery to investigate how water is transported through the stem. The flowers turned pink!

W also did role-plays of the movement of water with our partners.


Week commencing 24th April

We started off this week by exploring our own Stone Age cave to introduce the Tribal Tales theme for the term.

We discovered many interesting cave paintings and had a great discussion about what we found.

in our Topic lesson we worked together to place different periods and civilizations on a timeline, drawing on our learning from last term.

a HUGE well done to Year 3 for their performance of ‘Roll Back The Stone’. You were excellent and should all be very proud.

Now enjoy a well deserved break!

Week commencing 3rd April

Our magnificent mountains are complete! Well done Year 3 – they look fantastic!

A big thank you to all who have kindly been donating for our Chocolate Tombola Competition on the 6th April.

Week commencing 27th March

Year 3 have been doing lots of rehearsals for the Easter play ‘Roll back the Stone’. They have all been working so hard an are looking forward to performing in front of parents and carers next Friday.


Week commencing 13th March

As we’ve been learning a lot about mountains this term, we decided to have a go at making our own Papier Mâché versions. We will wait for them to dry and then start painting these next week – I look forward to seeing the finished product!


A big well done to the tag rugby team who played at the Hill on 9th March. It was great to see you working so well as a team and using your rugby skills effectively.

Week commencing 6th March

Trip to Thames Water Sewage Treatment Works:

We had a fantastic trip to visit he Thames Water Sewage site in Slough and it didn’t even smell that bad!

We carried out lots of fun experiments, learned more about the processes in the water cycle, where our water comes from and goes and how we can prevent wasting water

It was interesting to find out some of the things that are thrown down our sinks and toilets!

Here are some photos of our trip:


Week commencing 27th February


Happy World Book Day!

We all had a great day dressing up, reading with our buddies, writing a class story and other fun reading activities. It was lovely to see everyone so enthusiastic about reading and sharing their favorite books.


Congratulations to the winners of our  race on pancake day and commiserations for those who lost their pancakes along the way!

Week commencing 20th February

I hope you all had a lovely half term break.

We’ve had a busy but exciting first week back.

In P.E we have started netball and have been practising the different passes, such as shoulder pass, chest pass and bounce pass. We had to focus on controlling the ball and passing accurately. We put these passes into practice when we played fun activities.


In science we are learning about forces and have compared how objects move on different surfaces and how friction can affect this. We set up our own experiment and made sure this was a fair test. we then worked together to measure the distance that the car traveled on the different surfaces.


In Literacy we have been exploring different descriptive poems about mountains and looking at personification. We have also looked at the layout and structure of various poems and the effect this has on the reader. This is in preparation to write our own mountain poems.


Week commencing 6th February

Well done to everyone who voted and took part in the school council elections – you all worked very hard on your campaigns and I really enjoyed listening to the speeches!

Congratulations to our new school council representatives for year 3 – Lola and Oliver!

St Anne’s Bake-off

We had lots of fun decorating our Valentine’s Day biscuits, competing with the other houses.

Science Morning

We had an exciting and investigative science morning today, looking at patterns in the way shadows change.

We made our own shadow puppets and looked at how we could increase the size of the shadows by moving the light source. We are also learning about angles in maths so looked at how the angle of the light source can affect the length of a shadow.

Week commencing 30th January

This week in Science, we have been exploring shadows and how they are made.

We have learned the terms – transparent, translucent and opaque and have tested these types of objects to see what, if any, kind of shadow they create.

IMG_0624 IMG_0625 IMG_0627   IMG_0630 IMG_0631


Week commencing 23rd January

In art this week, we have been making our own Roman mosaics with magazines. We designed and drew a template of a Roman shield and are now making this into a colourful mosaic.

IMG_0611 IMG_0618 IMG_0620 IMG_0621 IMG_0623

In literacy we have been learning about different types of myths and are now starting to write our own myth, inspired by the famous Romulus and Remus.


Week commencing 16th January

Our Roman table is really coming along with all of the wonderful homework that the children have researched and produced.

A huge well done year 3! I can see how much effort and hard work has gone into your Roman weapons, armour and buildings.

IMG_0607 IMG_0608 IMG_0609

Week commencing 9th January

As our new topic this term is ‘I am warrior!’, we have been learning about the Romans. We put a timeline together of different civilizations to find out where in history the Romans could be placed.

We then looked at key events and dates in history and added these to our timelines.



We are also learning about light in science and how darkness is the absence of light. We tested this by looking at and describing objects in a dark box, which was very difficult! After putting additional holes in the box we cold describe the object easily. This showed us that we need light to see things.



Merry Christmas from year 3!



Week commencing 12th December

On Wednesday, year 3 took part in a tag rugby competition on the field, with two other schools.

The children had a great morning  and we even made it to the finals!

It was so lovely to see the children working really well as a team and using the skills learned from their tag rugby lessons. Well done year 3!



Week commencing 5th December

Thank you for all of the donations for the school tombola.

This week we’ve been looking at one of Shakespeare’s famous plays – Romeo and Juliet. We watched the animated version earlier this week and have been learning about the features of play scripts.

We also made our own fun potion paintings, using our colour mixing skills and were inspired by other pieces of art work:

20161209_180108_resized 20161209_180115_resized 20161209_180119_resized 20161209_180144_resized 20161209_180112_resized


Week commencing 28th November

We have been developing our tag rubgy skills this term. This week we have been learning how to score a try unopposed and at speed:

IMG_0387 IMG_0388 IMG_0389 IMG_0392 IMG_0398 IMG_0401 IMG_0403

Week commencing 21st November

Just a gentle reminder to parents and carers; please can children try and use Bug Club when possible. Books are allocated weekly to be read online.

This week we have been looking at measurement. We are developing our measuring skills by measuring different items and even each other to see who had the longest/ shortest forearms and feet!

256 258 263 266 268 272 278 280


We have also been learning about states of matter. We carried out an experiment looking at the viscosity of a range of liquids and also how to carry out a test fairly.

284 293 300 304

Week commencing 14th November

A big thank you to everyone who raised money for children in need on Friday. We had great fun doing the teddy run in our pyjamas!

Week commencing 7th November

This week we had a special visit from Mrs de Jode, who spoke to the children about the changes in medicine through the years and of her experience as a nurse.

We also looked at medicine through time, including some interesting ‘treatments’ in Ancient Egyptian and Medieval times.


Maasai Necklaces – 3/11/16

Today we were exploring the Maasai culture and we even made our own Maasai necklaces.

A big well done year 3 – they look fantastic!


Our class prayer for the term is Glory be:


We have been putting all of the skills learnt this term into practice, during our hockey match!

153 154 159 161 164 166

Diary of a Killer Cat

We have been learning our new text this week, from ‘Diary of a Killer Cat’ by Anne Fine. First we created a text map of chapter one and then we used actions to help us memorize this:




After writing our own descriptive poems about a predator, we enjoyed sharing and performing these with the whole class this week.