Welcome to the Year 6 webpage. Here you will find weekly updates on what the children have been learning and doing each week. Click on the link to see a curriculum map of what we will be learning this term.

Curriculum Map A Childs War

Homework will be given out each Tuesday and will need to be handed in every Monday.

Click on the link to find the homework grid for this half term A child’s war homework grid.

Many thanks to those who joined us for the ‘Meet the Teacher’ evening. Please find the Powerpoint and newsletter from the evening below:

Meet the teacher 2017-18 Yr5&6

In R,E this term we are learning The Creed. Please practice saying this every night.


Week beginning 16th October 2017

Some amazing homework being done relating to our topic, World War 2. Keep up the good work. Gentle reminder that all children should have at least 5 activities completed by the end of this week from the homework grid.

Gr 3 HFW spellings

Week 7 spellings for Group 1 and 2

Week 7 Learn its



Week beginning 8th October 2017

Week 6 Learn its

GR 3 HFW spellings

Week 6 spellings for Group 1 and 2

This week in SPAG we will be focusing on personification in our writing. Click on the link to find out more about this.

Well done to Imogen, Beth, Sankhadeep, Lara, Luke, David, Mollie-Jane and Alex in Year 6 who took part in a hockey tournament in The Heights on Monday 9th October. The children had a great time and demonstrated some fabulous skills. There was some fierce competition between the teams but the support and determination from the St Anne’s children was great to see. Thank you to all parents and staff for their support also.

A huge well done to all of our year 6 children who presented themselves as candidate to be nominated as House Captains for this academic year. It was fabulous to see just how many children decided to go for the opportunity. Each and every child showed real confidence and maturity as they delivered their own informative and personal speech.

Huge congratulations to all of the children for taking part and to the winners.

Blue House Captains – Lara and Evan

Yellow House Captains – Luke and Beth

Red House Captains – Nafera and Mark

Green House Captains – David and Mollie-Jane

Week beginning 2nd October 2017

Gr3 HFW spellings

Week 5 spellings for Group 1 and 2

Week 5 Learn its

On Friday the children came in dressed up as if they were evacuees in world war 2. They had packed their belongings into a small suitcase, were carrying their gas masks and their identity cards in their pockets all ready to be evacuated!

We started the day by lining the children up in the playground and informing them where they would be evacuate to. Friends and siblings were separated and the children had an opportunity to say goodbye to each other.

We looked at how food was rationed during the war and compared this to children’s own lunch.

Throughout the day the air raid sirens would go off which meant all the children had to hide under the tables for shelter.

The children presented their suitcases to the class and explained what they chose to bring with them.

Well done to all  the children for making a super effort with their costumes on Friday and really taking on the role of an evacuee.

Mrs Doherty


Week beginning 25th September 2017

Gr 3 HFW spellings

Learn its week 4

Week 4 spellings for Group 1 and 2

We had lots of fun learning this week. In literacy, we have finished writing our war poems and have moved onto looking at recounts. We started the week by reading lots of different recounts so we could identify the language and structure of a recount. On Wednesday we read an extract from Boy by Roald Dahl and we discussed what we know about Boy’s life and his personality from what we read. We then drew our own boy and described his personality.

We were also learning about different sentence types – simple, compound and complex. The children had great fun making up each sentence type.


In Maths, we continued subtracting decimals including money. We also started ding some algebra.

In RE, we wrote a letter to Moses as if we were one of the Israelites begging for some food and water.

Next week we hope to have an evacuation day where we hope to to dress up as evacuees and children could bring in a box with things they would bring with them.

Don;t forget homework to be handed in on Monday.

Mrs Doherty

Week beginning 18th September 2017

Week 3 spellings for Group 1 and 2

Group 3 HFW spellings 

In Literacy this week we have started to write our own war poem. The children have written some wonderful poems and have created atmosphere through imagery and description. I am really looking forward to hearing them perform their own poems. In maths, we have been learning different strategies for add and subtracting whole numbers and decimal numbers. Next week, we will begin to learn about algebra.

In R.E, we revised the story of Moses through role play. Have a look at some of the children acting.


In Science, we  have been learning about the circulatory system. On Friday, we learned how blood travels around the body. The children drew their own bodies and were able to say how the heart pumps oxygenated blood around the body through arteries and then deoxygenated blood returns to the heart through veins.

Well done to those children who were selected to play in a hockey tournament on 9th October.

Remember homework needs to be in on Monday.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Doherty

Week beginning 10th September 2017

I am happy to say the year 6 children have been settling back well and have already began to carry out some of their responsibilities that come with being in year 6. This week the children met their buddies in reception. They each were allocated a child from reception who they will look out for and play with over the year. They have also being keeping their buddies company during lunch. Here are a few pictures of Year 6 meeting and playing with their buddies. I am so impressed with how enthusiastic they all were meeting and playing with their buddies. Keep up the good work.

Mrs Doherty