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Collective Worship


As a Catholic community, collective worship is fundamental to living out our Christian ethos. We aim to ensure that all children are given the opportunity to grow in spiritual awareness and to develop their relationship with God.


As well as daily class prayers, we participate in the following collective worship each week:

Monday: Praise through Song – The whole school meets to worship and praise God through song and prayer. 

Tuesday: KS1 reflect on a Big Question finding the answer through what the Bible tells us.  KS2 undertake Christian meditiation - children meet God in quiet by reflecting on a scriptural mantra

Wednesday: Class Worship– Children prepare and lead worship in their class on topics of their choice and relevant to current affairs.  

Thursday: KS worship - Children meet in Key Stages (EYFS/KS1 and KS2) and worship together.  Class assemblies - to which parents are invited - are sometimes held during this time.

Friday: Gospel Assembly - the school meets to hear and think about the Gospel for the coming Sunday.

We also come together with our parish community to celebrate Masses during the term. 


Our Faith binds us, inspires us and guides us.


This is our school prayer, written by an ex-pupil, Chantelle Bassey

Prayer to St Anne

O glorious St Anne, mother of Mary, filled with love and compassion, protect us and guide us and give us your blessing.

O wonderful St Anne, who conceived the Mother of Jesus, pray for us and help us always to live by faith and to be known by love.



This year, we are focussing on developing our confidence and skill in leading prayer.  We learn different traditional prayers every half term as well as praying the Rosary throughout the year and the Stations of the Cross in Lent. 

In Summer 1, we are learning the following prayers:

  • Nursery and Reception – Hail Mary
  • Y1 Prayer to the Guardian Angel
  • Y2 Prayer of St Francis of Assisi
  • Y3 Act of Love
  • Y4 Prayer of St Richard of Chichester
  • Y5 Diocesan Prayer for Vocations
  • Y6 Prayer to the Holy Spirit

Each week, children in KS2 do Christian meditation (which we love) and children from Year 3 to Year 6 lead the class liturgy each week.  We also love to write our own prayers and offer them at our class altar.


Each term, we focus on different Catholic virtues and values.

In Autumn 1, 2021 we focus on being eloquent and truthful.  This means we consider how we can use our voices to spread Jesus's message and to speak his truth.

In Autumn 2, 2021 we focus on being learned and wise.  This means we try to learn about and from the stories in the Bible as we try to act like Jesus taught us.

In Spring 1, 2022 we focus on being curious and active.  This means we are curious about our faith, our church, about God and about Jesus.  We are also active in our faith and live it out.

In Spring 2, 2022 we focus on being intentional and prophetic.  This means plan our actions, making good decisions and choosing to live how Gods wants us to.  We also spread the word of God through what we say and do.  

In Summer 1, 2022 we focus on being grateful and generous. This means we are grateful to God and to those around us.  We are also generous in our praise of God and towards others.

In Summer 2, 2022 we focus on being attentive and discerning.  This means we are attentive to the word of God and are discerning when we decide to do the right thing in the interest of the needs of others because we know the positive impact that this will have on their lives.


We like to think about the Big Questions in life.



Please email Mrs Bernto on head@st-annes.reading.sch.uk if you would like us to add a name to the prayer board.


At this time, we ask you to hold in your prayers:

Those who are lonely and fearful as the new year starts.

Those who are sick and in need.


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