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Spring 2


This term

Maths - In maths we are moving onto place value within 50 before moving onto length and height

Literacy - Our text is "Stanley's stick" by John Hedgly

RE - We are looking at Lent and then Holy Week

Phonics - We are continuing to recover phase 5 and starting daily phonics written activities n

Science - Animals continues as we compare groups of animals

History - The Great Fire of London

ICT - Algorithyms

Art - Claude Monet and Sketching

PHSE - Being responsible with water spillage 

PE- football 

Week 1/2

This week we covered other faiths by looking at Islam. We specifically looked at the prophet Muhammed and kindness. We retold the story with Muhammed and the boys with the dates through drama and also wrote down how we would show kindness to nature like Muhammed. We were also very lucky to have an Imam visit our class and answer our questions about the Islamic faith.

In Literacy we started our new class text of the term and thought about how Stanley used his sticks to be so many things. We predicted the end of the story and sequenced the story too. 

In provision we practised our cutting skills making spiral snakes that also linked with our learning about reptiles in Science, as well as enjoying having a frog sensory table and drawing our favourite reptiles. 

In week 2 we started our new wider curriculum history, art and ICT topics.

In ICT we looked at how algorithms are a set of instructions and we helped each other get dressed to go outside as well as how we cross the road.  

We also started Lent in RE, discussing what we do in Lent, why it is an important time of the year and how we can change to especially follow in Jesus' footsteps during this time. We have also been looking at our new school virtues being hopefileld and faith filled by making a class art piece to display in teh corridoor.  


Week 3

For Lent this week we wrote our own promises and made a class promise tree.

In ICT we following instructions to draw a person. We soon found how clear and precise instructions are needed to make sure that we all have the same outcome.

We are really enjoying our History topic - The Great Fire of London and this week we have looked at what eye witness sources are and why they are important. 

Friday was World Book Day and look at all of our costumes! We enjoyed guessing the book by clues, decorating our class door and rolling and telling a story to just name a few activities that we did. 


Week 4

This week in Year 1 we have been looking at the upcoming event of St Patrick's Day with a sensory table, a Spring themed tuff tray with playdough rollers and writing our very own independent stories.

In Maths we finished off our learning on place value before moving onto a quick unit of Length and Height next week. 

In Literacy we finished our unit on Stanley's stick by writing our own innovated stories with classroom objects. We had squares used as houses, rainbows as seesaws and pens as rockets just to name a few of our ideas. 

In RE we finished Lent by looking at the parable of Zacchaeus the tax collector and how he changed when he saw Jesus. We then thought about how we could change following learning more about Jesus. 

In ICT we have learnt what an input is and what an output is. 


Week 5

As this week is our penultimate week we have started some Easter themed activities alongside our usual lerning. This includes Easter pattern matching, sensory play and themed story sacks. To help us with length we have started to look at comapring lengths of dinosaur bones and introducing the vocabulary of longer, shorter and centimeters. 

We have also been very excited by the addition of new Easter story themed playdough mats, rollers and stampers and these have helped us to retell what we know about Holy Week which is our new unit for the rest of this term. 

In Maths we have been using cubes to measure the length of classroom items.

In PE we have been perfecting our balancing when hold a partners hand and even hold 1 leg and closing our eyes (which was super tricky!). 


Last week of term

We have made it to the end of the Spring term and we have ended on a high. 

We made Easter chick cards, Easter bunnies and stained glass window crosses. 

This week we had our first music lesson with our school music teacher - Mrs Hopkin.

We have been making the most of the warm weather and finally being able to play on the field again.

We also had our tennis taster morning and really enjoyed our session. 

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