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Welcome to Year 4

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Curriculum News Letter

Here is a breif outline of what we will be covering for every subject this year in Year 4!

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Meet the teacher

Here is a video of our new classroom setting in Year 4 and the routines we have in place.

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Missions week - 27/01/2023

This week in year 4 we have been looking the chrism of the school: The Order of the Visitation who emphasized the virtues of humility and gentleness. We also looked at our mission statement: We are learning to live by faith and to be known by love which are linked with the orders virtures. Along side this, we looked at Mary as an important figure to our school as she is a role model love and faith.

Fencing - 18/01/2023

Year 4 loved learning to retreat and advance in their fencing lesson, this week.

French Day - 05/01/2023


Year 4 enjoyed painting water lilies painting in Monet style for French Day.

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Year 4 remembered all the Queen's acts of service to her country today, in liturgy. Each child thanked her individually for something that she has done for us. 

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This week in year 4, we have been looking at writing dialogue to solve a dilemma. The children did an excellent job of remembering how to punctuate speech using inverted comma from year 3 and using these skills to solve a dilemma. Well done year 4! 


This week, in year 4, we have been learning about Roman Numerals. We can now read and write Roman numerals all the way to 100 ( c), yay!

What is XCIX in numerals? 

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Year 4 residential

Look at our adventures at HMS Belfast so far! 

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