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SEND Report & Information

Our SENCo is Gemma Burnitt; she can be contacted via email on senco@st-annes.reading.sch.uk or by phone 01189375537.



Our SEND Report contains information on how we identify, assess and make provision for pupils with SEN and for the admission of disabled pupils. It includes:

  • Details of and links to our area Local Offer(s). 
  • The name and contact details of the SENCO (Mrs Gemma Burnitt) as well as how parents can make a complaint or raise a concern.
  • Information about the expertise and training of staff in relation to children and young people with SEN and about how specialist expertise will be secured.
  • How we make provision for pupils with SEN, whether or not they have Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs).
  • What interventions we have implemented and their impact.
  • The additional learning opportunities for pupils with SEN.
  • Our procedures for the identification and assessment of pupils with SEN.
  • Our approach to teaching pupils who have SEN.
  • How we adapt the curriculum and the learning environment for those who have SEN.
  • How the school enables pupils with SEN to engage in the activities of the school (including physical activities) together with children who do not have SEN.
  • Details of the support that is available for improving the social, emotional and mental health and development of pupils with SEN.
  • How we involve pupils and parents in decision-making.
  • How we evaluate the effectiveness of our provision, including securing feedback and the views of pupils and their parents.

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