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Our leaders:

1. Cannes (Deputy Head Girl), Beth (Head Girl), Cheyenne (Head Boy), Marini (Deputy Head Boy)

2. Prefects: Ivayhon, Akshit, Favour, Ana, Charlotte, Akarsh

3. Sports Captains: Saad, Rehaan, Harrison, Tallianna

4. Librarians: Suzy, Kamini, Lilah, Lily

Spring 1

Catholic Social Teaching - Rights & Responsibilities

This half-term we are focusing on the Catholic Social Teachings Righs & Responsibilities and Promoting Peace. Have a look at the beautiful prayers that Year 6 have written for display.

Amazing art workshop!

We had the pleasure of being visited by local artists who have been commissioned to create a mural outside Reading Station. The children had a go at designing images that relate to Reading and we were told that some of them will actually be chosen to go onto the wall!

French Day

We started off the Spring Term with a French day! We learnt lots of new phrases, created a Pointelism masterpiece and celebrated the Epiphany of the Kings with cake!

Group photo french dya

Autumn 2


To mark the start of Advent this Sunday, Y6 have made some beautiful posters on how they can prepare for the second coming of Christ.

Odd Socks Day!

Other Faiths Week - Hinduism!

This week we celebrated 'Other Faiths' week and focused on Hinduism. We have brilliant dancing, informative visitors and tried Diwali sweets!

Celebrating our differences

Y6 have been reflecting on what makes them unique . We have enjoyed discussing them and seeing how we all fit into our class family like a jigsaw.

Celebrating our differences

Autumn 1

Gold Tie Aseembly!

This week, Y6 recieved their Gold Ties which mark them out as leaders across the school. The children to time to reflect on leaders that they look up to in their life and also found examples of great leadership in the Bible. Congratulations Y6.

Amazing Windrush poems!

Y6 have worked SO hard this week to create these beautilful poems based on the famous poem 'Windrush Child' by John Agard

Busy in DT! & a beautiful class liturgy

Another busy week in Year 6! This week in DT, we increasingly independently used hand tools such as pliers to help us with our designs. We were designing and building a new an dimproved prison room for youths, linking with our topic Crime and Punishment.

We also had a beautifu Class Liturgy, wonderfully planned by two members of the class.  We reflected on Pope Francis' words of what it means to have hope and created a gratitude class paper chain.

Fun in PE!

Y6 braved the rain this week and played some excellent hockey!

Eating with our new Reception buddies!

Year 6 spent lots of time with their buddies this week! Every day, Y6 took Reception to the lunch hall and all ate lunch together, showing the little ones the routines here at St Anne's.

Year 6 prayers

Welcome back Year 6! Y6 were busy making beautiful posters for our class this week. The focus was on our daily prayers and the prayers we will be learning throughout Y6. This half term we will be focusing on learning the Prayer to the Holy Spirit.

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