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At St Anne's, we follow the Kapow condensed Music Curriculum.  This scheme is intended first and foremost to help children feel that they are musical and to develop a life-long love of music.  

Over 20 weeks each year (plus an extra term of learning an instrument in Y4), we focus on developing the skills, knowledge and understanding that children need to become confident performers, composers and listeners.

The curriculum introduces the children to music from all around the world and across generations and teaches the children to respect and appreciate the music of all traditions.

We also introduce the children to a new composer every half term.  By the end of primary school, the children will have been exposed to music from across the centuries, music by composers from different countries and music in a multitude of genres.


Catholic Ethos, Catholic Social Teaching and Music

Our intent in the teaching of Music is deeply rooted in Catholic Social Teaching.  

We believe 

- in the dignity of the human condition.  This means every child has their own talents which they should be given the opportunity to explore and develop.  Many of our children love to develop their musical talents through singing, playing an instrument and composing.

- that the common good is built through music.  Listening to pieces of music in different styles and from across the ages is a really positive experience that brings people together.

- that exposing children to music from around the world builds solidarity; we are one world in music.


We also ensure that the children learn about  composers who were themselves members of religious orders like Stephen of Liege and about key pieces of music created for specific moments in the liturgical year for example Handel's Messiah. 

In worship we raise our voices to God in song and we learn to both say and sing traditional prayers of the church.


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Knowledge Organisers

Y1 Music Knowledge Organisers

Y2 Music Knowledge Organisers

Y3 Music Knowledge Organisers

Y4 Music Knowledge Organisers

Y5 Music Knowledge Organisers

Y6 Music Knowledge Organisers

In Y4, children learn an instrument for Spring 1 and Spring 2 under the tutelage of a qualified teacher from Berkshire Maestros.  In 2022-23, the children will learn the violin!  They will be able to take home their instruments throughout the term.  This is a fabulous experience for the children as they get to taste what it is like to have ready access to an instrument and many choose to take up individual lessons after this taster.

Musical Clubs

We also run a Choir and a Recorder Club for pupils in Y3-Y6.  We have great fun practising and perform throughout  the year at Masses and special events including the Christmas Carol Service and the Summer Fayre.


Our choir


Year 1 Music lessons


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