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Welcome to Year 5

mission statement

Renee and Kofi offered their thoughtful prayer during our Gospel assembly!

We have a rockstar among us!

Today, during our music lesson, Matthias played for us his electric guitar! We loved it! Thank you Matthias for sharing your talent!


Remeberance day! Lest we forget!

RE Sacrament of the Sick

On Thursday, Father Joe will came in to talk to us about the way the parish cares for the people who are sick and explained how the sacrament of the Sick is administer.

We explored the gestures of laying on of hands and anointing with the Oil of the Sick and why these gestures might be performed.

He also explained to us the meaning of the words that are said to the sick person as they are being anointed with the oil on their forehead and hands: “Through this holy anointing may the Lord in his love and mercy strengthen you by the grace of the Holy Spirit. May the Lord who frees you from sin, save you and raise you up.”

Afterwards, Mrs Bernto came in to share with us the change and spiritual healing she felt when she received the Sacrament of the sick.

Meeting Mrs King's baby, Malachi!

Hexagon -Junior Festival-The rainforest rumble!

Week 2 started beatufully with the rainfoserst rumble concert! We had a rather long day but it was worth it as it was a memorable experience! The children's behaviour and performance was exemplary! Well done to all of us! Thank you to all parents who were able to come and support us!

Week 1

Whole school Mass-All Saints day!

RSE -Puberty

During this week's RSE lesson we looked at different ways trusted people in our life can support us through our puberty! Help us underastand that we are all special made in the image and likeness of God; our body is a temple of the Holy Spirit and it is God’s gift to us.Therefore, we should respect our bodies, character and personality. At the end we created a poster-guide for puberty!

Week 6

RE-Researching different Pilgimages, their history and importance!

Class liturgical prayer

Hockey tournament!

Week 5

Class liturgical prayer

Daisy and Gauravi planned and led an insiring class liturgical prayer on the life of Saint Therese. Straight after, we all wrote our little acts of kindness on roses!

Lectio Divina - Divine word

We listened attentively to the story of the feeding of the 5,000, drew scenes of it and offered our thoughful prayers

Colouring our bright Romero Crosses

Week 4

Real PE lesson

Renee and Kofi offering a thoughtful a prayer at Gospel Assembly


Music - We are loving our music lessons!


PE - Hockey!

DT - Mayan warriors

Week 3

Literacy role play

In pairs, children got into role as Mary Jackson (main character from Hidden Figures- our literacy book) and the judge and acted out the scene where Mary goes to court to ask permission to attend an only white maths school.

Week 2

Mission Week

Mission week this week and among other activities we elected our One world council representantives and thought of different ways we can live out our mission and follow Jesus's footsteps!

French -Question words!

IMG_3321 (1).MOV

Literacy- Using Dictionaries



Week 1

We are back!

We are all so excited to be back in school!

We spent the first couple days catching up with things we've been up to during the holidays, getting used to the new routines and of course learning!


We joined NASA/NACA's Induction Program!


Whole school Mass for Mary's birthday!

This autumn term, Y5 will be learning about the Maya civilisation and will be touching on this in many of their lessons like DT and History! P.E days this term are every Tuesday and Thursday. Spellings and  maths homework will be given on a Friday ready to be tested the following Friday.

Autumn 1

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