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Knowledge Organisers

These are the knowledge organisers for the term. They are for you to see what the children are learning in school. There is no expectation to do any learning at home from them.

Week 1

Papier- Mache

We had a great afternoon creating our globes from Papier-Mache.  The children worked in pairs to papier-mache their balloon, ready to paint blue, for the oceans of the world, next week.  Have a look at the photos below. They all look fab!

Week 2

Peter Rabbit

This term we are reading Peter Rabbit. Today we went out to the school's vegetable patch and imagined we were Peter Rabbit, sneaking into Mr McGregor's garden.  We thought about what Peter could, hear, small, see and feel.  The children had some wonderful ideas and hope to use these in their writing. 

Week 3

We have had great fun this week, finishing off our globes. The children located the continents and oceans, onto their masterpieces, as part of their curriculum work.


Parable of the Prodigal Son

This week, in RE, we acted out the parable of the prodigal son. As a class we spoke about the hidden message behind the story that God will always offer forgiveness when we have done something wrong.

Week 4

Pizza Express

Year 2 had a fab morning at Pizza Express, in Henley.  We travelled by public bus to create our very own pizzas for lunch.  I would also like to say a big well done to Year 2 for behaving so beautifully and representing the school so fantastically, we were very proud of you all!

Week 5

Art - digital media

We have really enjoyed our art lessons this week. Our topic is digital media and we have looked at the artist Pawel Nolbert as inspiration to create our own artwork, using Publisherz. I was very impressed with the confidence and enthusiasm the chldren showed when using this digital app. 

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