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Spring 2

Knowledge Organisers

These are the knowledge organisers for the term. They are for you to see what the children are learning in school. There is no expectation to do any learning at home from them.



Week 5

MERL Museum

Today, we went to MERL Museum to consolidate our learning of plants. During this visit, the children had the opportunity to explore and learn about the different plants found in the garden's museum, through various activities led by the museum staff. We discussed what all plants need to survive and grow.

Week 4

Cress Heads

Today, we started to grow our own cress heads. We each decorated a yogurt pot or egg shell to create a face and then planted seeds on top of a wet piece of cotton wool.  After, we predicted what will happen to the seeds after 3 days. 

Week 3

The Day the Crayons Quit

Year 2 had a wonderful day yesterday, dressing up as crayons from the story 'The Day the Crayons Quit'  The class created their very own book full of letters complaining to Duncan about how they are treated.  Thank you to parents for putting the costumes together. 

Week 2

World Book Day

Thank you to everyone for putting together such wonderful costumes for World Book Day.  The children had a wonderful day dressed up as their favourite book charcater. Throughout the day activities were planned around The Magic Porridge Pot. The children produced some wonderful writing and we all even had the opportunity to try different flavoured porridge. 

Week 1

Seed Helicopters

Today, we made a seed helicopter and tried it out in the playground. We predicted how those seeds might move, before we took them into the playground. We then discussed about what it is about the design that makes those seeds really good at moving and wondered about how far a seed like that could actually travel.

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