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Forest School Ethos Statement

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Our Forest School

At St Anne's RC Primary School we aim to promote the Forest School Ethos, allowing children to develop self-esteem, confidence and resilience alongside learning about and exploring the natural world. In Forest School we allow and encourage the children to explore and investigate the natural world. We nurture and support children gently and where appropriate to achieve small achievable tasks in order to build their resilience. We set tasks that encourage team work to build tolerance, trust and collaboration. We develop language throughout every session as children experience hands on learning. We provide a safe environment for the children to take managed risks and inspire exploration and investigation.


Forest 9

Cooking on a fire

Our Forest School Leader

The role of the Forest School Leader is to facilitate the holistic development of the client group. This is done by firstly ensuring the well-being of all members, including them being dressed appropriately so they can be warm and dry throughout the session. Activities need to be carefully planned to promote self-esteem, resilience and confidence. This can be done by planning small, easily achievable goals allowing the children to enjoy and celebrate achievement. Time must be invested in building relationships and observing the children in order for them to feel safe and their next steps to be carefully planned. The environment must be rigorously risk assessed in order to allow children to take risks and explore with confidence. The Forest School Leader must be knowledgeable about the environment in order to educate the children about the world around them including conservation.

‘On a Forest School day I spring out of bed and can’t wait to get to work, this is why I became a teacher.’



Laura Cosgrove

BA(Ed) Primary Education and Art QTS

NVQ Level 3 Forest School Practitioner

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