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School Dinners

Please see an example of a school menu below.


Currently all children in Early Years and Key Stage 1 receive Universal Free School Meals at lunchtime which is a current Government initiative. This is a great way for children to taste different foods that they may not have had before. Sometimes children are better at trying new food when they are with their peers.

A menu is sent out to allow you to make a choice of different meals for lunch. A red option (meat), a green option (meat free) and sometimes a picnic bag or always a  jacket potatoe

You will choose your child's meals and book them through a parentpay online system, to which you will receive access codes in due course.  If your child has an allergy then you will be provided with form to ensure they can access our school menu, or have a special menu provided if our menu is not suitable.

You are also welcome to provide your child with a packed lunch. Please note that we cannot heat up food for your child. 

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